NPO Kumamoto Support Network for Children from Abroad (SNC) provides Japanese language instruction and various other support services in order to create a bright future for children with roots in foreign countries.

 Except for "Kumamoto Children's Nihongo (Kumamoto Kodomo Nihongo)", which is a project commissioned by the local government, our efforts to create a place for children to gather and learn are made possible by the help of many volunteers and your donations and support.
(The donations we receive are used to pay for the venue for the children's study and for learning materials.)

 We would like to ask for your support in order to continue our support activities for children with foreign roots.

Credit card donations

Donations can be made from 500 yen per unit.

Individual annual membership fee is 1,000 yen per unit
Group annual membership fee is 5,000 yen per unit

Donate by bank or postal transfer

Click here to donate by bank or postal transfer (from 1,000 yen)

Beneficiary Bank: Japan Post Bank (Financial Institution Code: 9900)
Branch: 179 (Branch No. 179)
Checking account 165967
Account name: NPO外国から来た子ども支援ネットくまもと

Participate in our events as a volunteer member

No particular qualifications or experience is required.
Volunteers are expected to be close to the children and support them, and participate in helping them interact with each other.

Become an e-mail member

We send out information such as activity reports and announcements from our NPO via e-mail. Application for e-mail membership is free of charge.