What is SNC?

 Many children who have transferred from abroad due to their parents' marriage or employment are unable to keep up with school lessons due to language difficulties, and many give up on their studies and subsequent higher education. There are also many children who cannot adapt to various environmental changes in different cultures and become mentally isolated at home and at school.

 We are working to create a more comfortable school environment and community for children with foreign roots who are facing such difficulties by first providing language support and then offering them a place to make friends and learn about their subjects.


Japanese Language Instruction


Although our main focus has been on "initial instruction" to teach the basics of Japanese to children who have just arrived in Japan, recently we have been teaching many children who are in a "double-limited" situation, meaning that they have not developed age-appropriate language skills in either of the two languages.

Admission Support


At the guidance course, the Board of Education explains the special measures for entrance examinations for foreign students, distributes materials in multiple languages, and provides individual counseling through interpreters.

Learning Support


We provide initial Japanese language instruction for children who have just arrived in Japan, and for those who have completed the initial instruction, we provide learning support in various subjects such as Japanese and mathematics, focusing on school class content.

Friendship Building Support


A place where children can talk in their native language with other children of the same age and in the same situation, and confide their problems without worry is an important place for them to feel at home. We offer a variety of programs to deepen friendships.

Japanese Language Teacher Training
and Workshops


We aim to improve the teaching skills of our Japanese language instructors by holding regular training sessions to enhance their skills. We also serve as instructors for lectures at schools and in the community about the current situation of children with foreign roots and Japanese language instruction.