Teachers with Japanese language teaching qualifications (Applicants must meet one of the following conditions)
 ☑ Experienced in teaching at a Japanese language institution
 ☑ Completion of a Japanese language teacher training course
 ☑ Candidates who have passed the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test
 ☑ Experienced in teaching Japanese at elementary or junior high school.

Please also refer to the "Japanese Language Instructor Registration Process" below.

Japanese Language Instructor
Registration Process

*If you wish to participate in our activities, please apply by e-mail or mail.
*After your application has been received, you will be screened and trained before participating in the actual activities.

Sending application documents
First, please carefully read the information on this website and send us your resume and work history by e-mail or mail. (Please refer to the mailing address below)
Document screening
We will screen your application documents.
Those who pass the application screening will receive an explanation of our business and a mock class.
Mock class and interview
You will come to our office and conduct a mock class based on the information provided.
We will conduct an interview in conjunction with the mock class.
You will be required to attend several training sessions depending on the content of the mock class.
You will also be required to observe an actual teaching site.
Instructor registration
You will be registered on our organization's instructor list.
Start of dispatch instruction
You will be asked to teach at the request of the Board of Education, schools, etc.

*Hourly rate (approximately 2 hours per session)
Time schedule: Will be adjusted to the timetable of the client.